Jahlil Nzinga


How to Transition from Rap to Painting.

10 years ago, Jahlil was dropping hits as Stunnaman from the legendary Bay Area collective The Pack. Fast forward to 2015 and Jahlil decided to drop the mic and pick up a brush after feeling like an "aging rapper". In an interview Jahlil explains that music wasn't doing it for him anymore and he wanted a creative change. Growing up in Berkeley, California with a renowned poet for a mother, Jahlil was no stranger to creative self expression. The transition from music to painting ended up being seamless and his work was quickly picked up by the LA arts scene.

Jahlil's work outside of Union LA.

Collaboration with Sol Summers.

Quick piece.

"Triangle Offense."

Unofficial Collabs.

Over the past few years, Jahlil has dropped a variety of products from chains to shoes and even a shirt Jonah Hill ended up flaunting with the quote "Will Paint for Cash". Every once in a while he drops an unofficial collab on his instagram with his work printed, painted, or embossed over a popular brands product. The most recent piece is the Will Paint for Cash print screened onto a Chrome Hearts long sleeve. We're here for the collab anyway we can get it.

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