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Crushed cans and dime bags 

For this New York-based painter, there is beauty in everything we might take for granted like garbage on the street or a used Ketchup package. James Evans turns these seemingly unimportant items into photo-realistic masterpieces with an eclectic style you just don’t see much of anymore. Having never gone to art school, Jake embraces his faults and learns what not to do pretty quickly. 

"Everything you need is here for you"

"I’ll Believe in Anything"

"In a Dream it Seemed Real"

"At some point the streetlights turn off, usually because it’s bright enough to see"

The addiction to improvement

Using his last pill bottle as a reference for his piece “No one’s home, knock louder,”  Jake was freed from his dependence on antidepressants, painting a 60 x 48 detailed oil on canvas memory of his struggle. Jame’s popularity has been exploding as of recent, launching a solo show in Mexico City titled “Give up the Ghost” where he explores concepts surrounding time and displacement.

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