James Ronkko

Graphic Designer

Collages and Clairo.

Hailing from Barcelona, Spain, James Ronkko is an elusive designer who's work looked like it started with a torn out page from a magazine. The artful graphic designer has an endless stream of textured posters, prints, and shirt designs that don't lack any grit. Whether they're sitting on a backdrop from a gardening catologue or it looks like a vintage Swiss Alps travel brochure, Ronkko's modern flair wraps them up not-so-neatly in gorgeous collages.

Merch for Clairo.

Cover shot for his Drafts series.

Poster for his personal merch, Altabrea.

Poster from the drafts series.


James linked up with photographer Johnathan Blair for this mysterious poster series titled Gracia. On his personal portfolio, James has pumped out dozens of iterations of these posters with the same text. Luckily for use, each poster keeps a consistent style but with incredible details and slight differences.

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