Jeannie Phan


Yawning cat .gifs and colourful countrysides.

Cozy, comforting, colourful, and character-ful would all be solid ways to describe Jeannie Phan's work. From yawning cat gifs to big time illustrations for the New York Times and NPR, Jeannie's work often starts as a personal exploration that ends up falling into her paid gigs. The Toronto-based illustrator has made a name for herself with her relatable scenes and stellar work ethic.

Yawning cats.

Illustration for Palm Bay.

Pure leisure.

For Stanford Business Magazine on the gender pay gap.

Acqua di Parma.

Although Jeannie may be best known for her funky gifs featuring leisurely chill scenes, the Acqua di Parma campaign stands out as some of our favourite work. For the launch of a perfume line, Jeannie worked with agency Digital Brand Architects to produce seven animated scenes of notable Italian towns. Jeannie states that her work is often influenced by Ontario cottage scenes, which she parallels here with rich greenery and stellar nature.

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