Jerry Rugg

Street Artist

The man behind the bird mask

Jerry Rugg, AKA BirdO, is an artist based out of Toronto painting massive murals everywhere around the city. Inspired by Salvador Dali, BirdO paints surreal-looking animals stacking up to 16-stories high, and welcomes everyone's unique interpretations. Always maintaining his alter-ego, a bird, wearing the mask everywhere he goes. As a former model, Rugg likes to hide behind the mask and says “I don’t want all that, to get in the way of the art.”

Moncton / Riverview / @festivalinspire

Mural in Liberty Village

Kimpton Saint George

Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario

Tang Zhen middle school Near Shanghai, China

Bringing his murals to life

From knocking on neighborhood doors and asking people to use their garage doors as a blank canvas for his portfolio, Rugg has racked up quite the resume. Rugg has worked on projects for Toronto’s Nuit Blanche and even collaborated with Louis Vuitton on hand-painted suitcases. Dabbling in anything creative, Rugg has recently begun to hone his skills with 3-D Sculpting, bringing his mural work to life, installing a colorful baby horse at Woodbine Racetrack, a horse racing track in Toronto. 

The backstory

In the early days, Rugg moved to the big city in hopes of pursuing an acting career, but quickly realized it wasn’t going to work. After stumbling upon graffiti, and hitting trains all day with his buddies, Rugg was caught and found himself in jail for four days. Taking his art past the illegal graffiti, Rugg enrolled in design school where he mastered design principles that he now incorporates in his murals.

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