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From Training Day screenplay to The New Yorker

Born in Cleveland Ohio, Joanna Milter is a legend when it comes to photography and editing. Since 2015 she’s been working at The New Yorker as the director of photography, and 11 years at The New York Times before that. Her work is memorable, provocative, and show-stopping. Starting out in the film industry, Joannas worked on awesome projects like the screenplay for Training Day but moved to photography after realizing how slow the movie business is.

Robert Frank, Mabou Mines, Nova Scotia, July 17, 1975. Photograph by Richard Avedon.

"Uncle Jim Called" by David Rabe.

For "The Children" by Andrea Lee

Vasantha Yogananthan's photo essay

The Narrative

After finding her love for photography and editing in the anxiety-filled environments, Joanna quickly found her passion for story-telling and telling the narrative. She is now responsible for linking the best talent with the best-suited stories. “I want to help photographers show the world in new and interesting ways—to support them.”

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