Julian Consuegra


Stray Rats

After founding his clothing brand at 22 years old, Julian Consuegra has been a favourite for many streetwear lovers. He came up with the name Stray Rats after thinking of him and his friends as a bunch of moving rats in New York - getting what they could get within the boundaries they had. Stray Rats and Julian have heavy ties with the many artists and celebs. You’ll see people like Future, Frank Ocean, Tyler the Creator, and Virgil showing off the trademark rat emblem.

Stray Rats X New Balance

Frank Ocean wearing Stray Rats

“Ratgirl” Terry Cloth Beach Towel


Outside the rat life

Julian says the key to his creativity is indulging himself in as much stuff as he can. “For me, it can be anything from Freddy Krueger to an ’80s Japanese funk album.” Outside of Stray Rats Julian has been doing art and design for Drake including the More Life tape and his tour merchandise - the ultimate indulgence.

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