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Drawing Jordans for Jordan

Julius Campbell AKA Uptwn is 24-year illustrator based out of Toronto specializing in character design. He draws exaggerated forms of celebrities and fictional characters like “Toronto 2045 Eglinton West Trapper”. His work is clearly inspired by high-end streetwear and rap culture, mixed with a futuristic and outer space vibe. Julius recently worked for Jordan (@jumpman23) on the release of the AJ1 displayed at the Jordan store on Yonge and Dundas, in Toronto. The project included two original illustrations from Julius that were plastered across hanging skateboard decks in the store.

1 of 2 designed for Jordan AJ1 lows release

Tré way

Nuptse Uzumaki

Young Thug


Jamaican OBIA Man

Meeting Takashi Murakami

Julius switched it up with more colour than usual in his two-piece series of Takashi Murakami, one of them touching on Takashi’s contagious energy. The images quickly began spreading on Instagram and wound up in front of the Japanese contemporary artist. Murakami fell in love with the illustrations, reposting them on his Instagram and saying “Wow! Love this! teach me”. A week later Julius woke up in Tokyo, Japan, and hung out with the world-renowned artist. We’re not sure what else went down in Japan between the two artists, but the trip was well deserved nonetheless. 

One style fits all

You’d think Julius was lucky to get his work in front of Murakami, but these successes seem inevitable. Julius met the Japanese artist right after working on character design for Adult Swim & Rick and Morty. In the early days, Julius practiced Life Drawing, to familiarize himself with the human body and its many postures. After mastering these techniques, and experimenting with different mediums, Julius quickly found his unique and distinguishable style as an illustrator. 

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