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Jynwaye is an artist based out of New York City, painting anime characters on anything she can find (even an inhaler). She’s probably painted your favourite childhood TV character, whether it’s The Simpsons, Dragon Ball Z, The Powerpuff Girls, or Naruto. Jyn first popped on the scene after experimenting with a hand-painted Air Force 1 that picked up steam on Instagram and was re-posted by all the hype pages. You’ll notice some of the anime characters she paints are rocking updated fits to match today’s streetwear.

One of Jyn's first hand-painted Air Force 1 Lows

Sasuke in Dior pre-fall

"took her breath away" hand-painted on an inhaler

NYC subway passes

Art minus rules

It’s a special day when Jyn remixes a notable accessory, like an UNDERCOVER umbrella, with her anime-centered flare. The benefit of her drops being “unofficial” collabs (which might end up with a lawyer at Jyn’s door) is Jyn gets the pure creative freedom to explore whatever she wants and often uses satire within the pieces to comment on today’s consumer-driven society. Unfortunately, the one-offs are just for her, so don’t DM her asking for a custom piece.

Starting the legacy

Jyn wasn’t introduced to art as a kid and no one in her family was remotely close to being an artist. Instagram inspired Jyn to start painting and is all she really uses to promote her work. She dropped out of art college on the first day after hearing her prof read out the syllabus of the assignments due that year. Not wanting to lose her love for art or making it feel like work, Jyn doesn’t take any commissions. The stamp she uses everywhere is the word "Jing" in Chinese, that translates to "Quiet".

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