Karan Singh


Organizing chaos for Louis Vuitton.

Organized chaos is how Karan Singh describes his work. The Amsterdam-based, Melbourne-raised artist creates otherworldly patterns with eye-catching colours and shapes. Karan first found out about design as a kid, playing around with a pirated copy of Macromedia Flash. Now he’s crushing briefs for the likes of Airbnb, Nike, IBM, IMAX, Topshop and so many more.

Poster for Nike Amsterdam and Snipes.

Work for Nike Innovation lab.

Project with Apple.

Work for Delta on a physical mural.

One of Karan's favourite projects, work for IMAX.

A custom typeface designed by Karan.

A sticky situation.

It’s hard to choose a project that stands out among Karan’s colourful portfolio, but his recent project with Louis Vuitton through Wednesday Agency slams. The artist created an animated sticker pack that celebrates the Lunar New Year and Valentine’s day. The animations we’re dropped as instagram and IOS stickers so feel free to slap them on your story or your groupchat.

There’s definitely a pattern.

In his last year of school in interaction design, Karan picked up illustration and hasn’t looked back since. While Karan was working in the agency world he’d squeeze in a “daily quickie” after work, a piece that took a couple of hours that was just for him. Eventually, Karan’s explorations of patterns and illustrations led him to freelance gigs in every medium you could think of. There’s a pattern to the madness.

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