Kendra Yee


Covered in Ink

Kendra Yee is an artist from Toronto making mixed-media paintings, ceramic sculptures, and panel-based illustrations. She graduated from Toronto’s popular art school OCAD specializing in design and illustration. Making art for as long as she can remember, Yee uses her artwork to illustrate her personal history and lived experiences.

Illustration for @vanderpop

Work in progress comic image for an upcoming publication


Necklaces for the @xpacecc holiday maker fair


Kendra released a solo exhibition at The Letter Bet. in Montreal named EIGHT POINT FIVE. The show consisted of two concepts that manipulate the experience of starting an adventure; the terrifying blank sheets of paper 8.5 inches wide, and 8.5 size shoes in which the characters in this exhibition wear to start their journey. Throughout the exhibition, you’ll notice different medias like ceramics, mixed-media paintings, paper sculptures, and acrylic mobiles. 

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