Kenneth Vanoverbeke


Pairing Type with Classic Art.

What do you get when you mix classical art with brutalist type and internet age colour schemes? The absolute heat that Belgian art student Kenneth Vanoverbeke drops on a near daily basis. A few years ago, Kenneth decided he'd release a design online everyday after school. What we got was hip-hop and goth inspired compositions that reference Renaissance and Romantic era masterpieces and a looking glass into Kenneth's growing process.

Concept for Post Malone's single Circles.

Design explorations Kenneth drops on Behance.

Typeface titled Furia.

Versace logo concept.

Just my type.

In 2018, Kenneth decided to take a deep dive into type design. His carefully considered fonts are clearly inspired by a Romantic design language and feel right at home in rap's current emo-aesthetic. You wouldn't be surprised if you saw Sanguine, Kenneth's most recent type project, sitting on the cover of Juice WRLD's next single.

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