Kyle Berger


Post-truth photoshopping.

Kyle Berger's timeline is "one where the news is fake and the reality is as unbelievable as ever". The Toronto-based photographer grew up in the Canadian suburbia, hitting local strip malls for Taco Bell and McDonald's where his love for the golden arches began. Now Kyle's orchestrating perfect moments, like a chicken coop in front of KFC or cracked tooth dentist sign, and dropping McDonald's Golden Arches candles.

An odd car wash scene.

The cracked dentist sign.

Apparently, they might be nugget scented.

The real Sistine Chapel.

Money on the Ground

If There Was Money On The Ground Someone Would Have Already Found It is the tile of Kyle's most recent series. The expertly crafted scenes find humour in our brand obsessed society and the unusual juxtapositions that we've probably ran into at some point.

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