Leandro Assis

Art Director & Designer

Lettering for Apple Music and Google Allo.

Leandro Assis's style is pumped full of vibrant colours, zany illustrations and puffy typography that turns your head the second you see it. The Brazilian art director attended ESPM in Sao Paulo where he studied design before working with Brazilian agency Hardcuore. Leandro, better known as Lebassis, quickly opened his own design shop in 2014 before going full-time freelance in 2018. Since the major move Lebassis has art directed and designed Apple Music playlist covers, a Google sticker pack, and a capsule collection with BAW clothing. He especially enjoys using his gift of design on projects exploring Black culture and LGBTQ+ rights.

Poster for Nice Acts in support of BLM.

A pride sticker pack for Snapchat.

Pure Throwback Apple Music playlist cover.

Lettering for Lollapalooza Brazil.

Youtube Black.

Youtube asked Lebassis to come up with the branding for Youtube Black, a cultural platform exploring Black culture in Brazil. Leandro describes the branding deepdive as the "highlight of his projects". Leandro wanted to give the platform a visual system that allowed Black creators to talk about relevant cultural issues in a new way.

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