Luis Mora


Shots fired!

Luis Mora is a freelance photographer from Colombia, raised in Miami and now living/working in Toronto. Along with features in Elle Magazine, Vice, and Toronto Life, Luis shoots popular names like Roy Woods, Takashi Murakami and even Kristen Stewart. Luis likes to take the approach of treating every new subject as a project, rather than a single portrait or shot. 

Photoshoot for Yasin Osman for community workshop program

Roy Woods for OVO

Sean Leon

Takashi Murakami for OVO

Octobers Very Own

Luis is often doing the photo shoots for Drake’s clothing line OVO. You’ll notice members from the brand like Chubbs and Noah “40” Shebib (Drake’s primary producer). Working with OVO also allows Luis to shoot tons of people affiliated with the team like professional boxer Gervonta Davis. Represented by KZM photography agency, Luis is always getting new opportunities to crush.

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