Malika Favre

Digital Artist

Pop art mixed with Op Art

Malika Favre has established herself as one of the UK's most sought after graphic artists. Based in London, the French artist is famous for her purely minimalistic illustrations and insane colour palettes. She’s worked with almost all of the biggest editorials including Vogue, The New Yorker, The Washington Post, and National Geographic. Malika’s illustrations will almost look as if they were 3-D, mastering the use of negative space to create an intense pop.

Van Gogh Cover for Metropolitan

New Yorker Issues

Visuals for National Geographic

Altinha sneakers inspired by her trip to Brazil

Time to switch it up

After accomplishing great things on the commercial side, Malika’s new direction is more up in the air as she focuses on new things like collaborating with friends and other brands on product stuff like bottle branding and clothing. Her most recent collaboration is a limited edition Kimono with Bubble Mood.

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