Marc David Spengler


The Rising Star of Sketchbooking.

If you peel back the pages of Marc David Spengler's sketchbook, you'll find wonderful shapes that don't mean a thing and colours happily coexisting with patterns, objects and letters. The State Academy of Art and Design Stuttgart graduate picked up design after his car sketches as a kid led him to graffiti and a love for typography. As soon as he was finished with high school, Marc applied to the State Academy and the rest is history.

Meaningless Shapes.

The more you dive into Marc's work, the more abstract and funny looking shapes and patterns you'll find. When asked if there was any rhyme or reason, Marc replied "It’s more interesting to draw shapes that have no meaning, because there’s more room for interpretation." In order to get the organic and one of a kind look, Marc never starts his pieces with a pencil sketch, instead opting for the full colour version out of the gate so the process never gets boring.

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