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From sketches to printing

Martin Sallieres is a shoe designer and Design Academy Eindhoven alumni working with awesome companies like Filling Pieces. Starting to make a name for himself in the sneaker community after mastering his innovations through sketching the sneakers. But now, the designer from France wants to reimagine the shoe and how it's manufactured. This is no easy task, but he wants to take us with him on this exploration.

Doodling ahead of the new season

Filling Pieces - Ready wear collection ss20

Using the swoosh on a current prototype to test the impact.

Cheetah track spikes

Shoe Lab

With his new project “Shoe Lab”, Martin takes inspiration from weaving techniques of spiders and is developing a 3D weaving technique, to create shoes using one material. By changing the properties of the material, he can play with its adaptability, and try to solve our everyday needs through clever and innovative design. Will you be following Martin on his journey to revolutionize the shoe?

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