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The look of Drake’s Scorpion Merch

Matthew Burgess is an embroidery artist who’s worked on merch for Drake’s 6th album Scorpion, Lil Uzi’s Eternal Atake, and many more. The 27-year-old artist’s love for embroidery runs in the family. His mother would often be seen doing embroidery, publishing her work on the walls throughout their house. Matthew started out by using this free-hand embroidery technique and mixing it with a canvas, using a sewing machine to freestyle the illustrations. The New York City-based artist tailors to his unique style with every project, using different shades of string for an eye-catching and realistic effect. 

Merch for Drake's Scorpion Album

Embroidery // Acrylic 54x54''

Lil Uzi Vert Merch for "Eternal Atake"

Paintings or Embroidery?

When he’s not working on projects for famed artists like Drake or fashion icons like Ian Connor, Matthew takes to his original canvas work. Using the same technique, he creates sizable masterpieces with a ton of detail that looks like paintings from afar, although up close you can see the true artistry.

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