Michael Cherman


Chinatown Market

Before creating the successful streetwear brand Chinatown Market, Michael Cherman, the 28-year-old designer and entrepreneur did work for brands like Nike, Kith, and A$AP Worldwide. Creating logo designs, merchandise, and even in-store experiences, Michael’s innovative approach to streetwear can be seen as breaking the rules - which is exactly what he’s going for. 

Chinatown Market collaboration with Puma - Ralph Sampson Lows

Chinatown Market collaboration with Guess

Bedroom Basketball

Kith logo design & branding

Building the brand

Michael says it’s more about failing and learning from those failures to use that knowledge and improve what he does day-to-day. He’s created a Supreme-like brand that involves tons of collaborations with other brands and even his customers via in-store customization prints. The brand focuses on creating an “experience” with the buyer rather than just selling products. Finding most of his inspiration for this from Asia and seeing how Japanese retailers treat their customers has been vital to Chinatown Market.

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