Michael Johansson


Try being this organized

Michael is a Swedish designer building his installations/sculptures out of old suitcases, TV’s, typewriters, and other common vintage equipment. Each block of perfectly flush items, look like scary giant transformers - let’s hope they don’t start moving. Michael uses forklifts, trailers, and even cranes to move these hunks of equipment. 

Giant Igloo built from coolers for Gagnef 2018

Christmas Tree. Happy holidays! “Merry Mirror”, 2010.

"Domestic Kitchen Planning" in Michael's solo show at Alingsås konsthall (SE)

Structure off the road in Oslo, Norway

On display at @voltashow Art Fair - the second in the Mirrorcubes series

“Vertical Variations”

Suitcases? Boring.

Michael has gone as far as using farming tractors, cars and trailers to fill these massive structures. Combining these with storage crates, Michael needs disassembling teams just to take these down. The third photo is showing his tallest installation to date - 35 feet.

Pack your bags!

The world is quickly starting to find out about Michael Johansson - he’s been featured in awesome art magazines like DAMN and Lodown. He’s influencing tourism in cities like Oslo who have his work installed for the public eye. Most recently attended VOLTA Art Fair, Michael does tons of talks and exhibitions around the world, so pack your bags and go check him out (but don’t spend time packing your things so neatly).

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