Mihailo Andic

Creative Director

Lil Boat’s creative captain.

Mihailo Andic is a Toronto based art director who’s worked with some of your favourite artists. From Lil Yachty and the Migos, plus Quavo and Takeoff on solo projects, to PartyNextDoor and Safe, Andic started making covers and sending them out to artists’ teams. He landed his first Yachty cover by mocking up a quick idea and emailing Yachty’s manager, not expecting anything from it. It turned into Yachty’s debut tape, Lil Boat, and cemented his now iconic nautical aesthetic.

An optical illusion for Quavo's debut solo album Quavo Hucho.

A cover for 6lack with a real bear.

Merch for Yachty's Pizzeria.

88Glam debut album cover design and photography.

The cover that started it all. Lil Boat by Lil Yachty.

Type design for Fool's Gold Day Off.

Popcorn and mood swings.

Teenage Emotions was Lil Yachty’s critically acclaimed debut studio album and had people talking about more than just the tracklist. The groundbreaking cover, directed and designed by Mihailo in collaboration with Kenneth Capello, is a first for the hip-hop industry. The only note in the brief given by Yachty’s team was to make “something progressive”. After casting a diverse group of teenagers, Andic said he stumbled on the idea to shoot them in a theatre from a photo he found on instagram. That’s a pretty solid reason to keep scrolling feed. The cover blew people away, it highlighted the diversity of Yachty’s listeners and represented groups that have generally been excluded from the hip-hop community.

The cold-email crusader.

You could credit Mihailo’s extensive catalogue for his unprecedented work rate, sometimes turning around covers for Quavo and Yachty in under 2 days. This guys the Usain Bolt of art direction. Mihailo starts his day by looking through design-related blogs for inspiration and textures he can use in his designs. Andic’s signature style comes from superimposing pictures he collects and retouching them so they look cohesive and real. For a guy who started by cold-emailing artists with cover ideas, Mihailo has done pretty well. The rest of us will be stuck on read in our favourite artist’s DMs.

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