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The Dream Team

Obby and Jappari are a graphic design dream team based in Frankfurt, Germany, putting out new digital art almost every day. From album covers to clothing merchandise and even package design, the two young graphic designers work on every project together. They’ve done work for brands like Nike, Under Armour and Tiesto, always adding their futuristic-yet-retro flavour despite how big the project.

Rendering for Tunica Magazine

New Campaign for @tiesto & @wetrepublic

layout testing

Making Apparat realer and realer. Is it a typeface? Is it a table-clock?

Research on prehistoric technology. This is a soultrean leaf

In collaboration with @mykitaofficial

The Nike Vapormax Campaign

The Vapormax is an insanely popular shoe, famously remixed by Virgil Abloh in the “The Ten” Off-White X Nike collection. Nike launched a global campaign for the shoes and called on Obby & Jappari to create a visual identity for it. They did 3D renderings of the shoes using their signature style and created in-store visuals and poster ads. Their work was plastered all over Nike’s Portland, Oregon HQ during the campaign.

The clients will come

 Obby and Jappari are constantly coming up with new concepts and ideas on a daily basis, whether someone has hired them or not. They’ll drop album concepts because they didn’t like the official artwork, and whip up a 3D scan of their favourite Balenciaga shoes just for fun. These guys gift their followers new and unique ideas that are sure to inspire anyone and show us what grinding really looks like.

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