Paolo Puck


Bizarre faces

Remember those weird creatures from “Where the Wild Things Are”? These are creepier. Paolo Puck, a British-born artist works with felted wool and foam to create creatures that’ll give you a tingle. Puck recalls a time a passer-by was so shook they wanted his installation removed because they would scare children. Puck is a self-taught sculpture, saying his work is hard to talk about, like describing dreams; the more you talk, the more the dream drops away.

Ugly or beautiful?

Puck wants to explore the polarizing theme of beauty, combining ugly imagery with a soft and beautiful shape. Puck is smacking you in the face with “familiar and foreign, safe and dangerous, and the inviting and unsettling.” If you can fight the horror, confront these creatures in person. Paolo has exhibited his work in the Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York and the Samek Art Museum in Pennsylvania.

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