Phillip T. Annand

Creative Director

The Madbury Club

As the founder of the creative agency The Madbury Club (a team of crazy-talented designers and creatives), Phillip T. Annand has done great things in the world of design and branding. Having done work for GAP, Nike, and Microsoft Surface, Phillip is notable for always adding his distinct and humorous style for great storytelling. Sadly the Madbury run came to a bittersweet end, and Phillip went on a hiatus from the world of branding. 

Microsoft Surface van for the campaign

The Madbury Club .M158 Headquarters

Native Shoes Campaign

GAP campaign

He’s Back

After a couple of years of no social activity, Phillip is back - ironically during 2020’s global quarantine. His new approach is to freestyle new ideas and projects as they come to mind and maintain inner calm and excitement. Landa Conservatory is his latest creation, using his unique access to nature to create the self-proclaimed “The quietest place on the internet”. The live broadcasts feature long-shot stills of nature in Phillip’s backyard.

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