Pietro Mazza

Graphic Designer

Illustrating for Kendal Jenner

When you sift through his various projects, Pietro Mazza’s style is tough to pin down but includes a lot of common themes like character illustration sprinkled with some humor. The graphic designer out of Milan is juggling freelance projects like Kendal Jenner’s Zaza World visuals and working as a Graphic Design at Off-White. Although, when it comes to the fashion industry, Pietro is no joke. This guy is throwing his flavor on other brands ranging from Adidas, Mystic Visions, and Versace.

Zaza World Poster

Exhibition at Adidas Italia


Mystic Vision Posters

Working for Off-White

Working for a company that has countless projects, Pietro contributes with tons of different mediums. His priceless illustrations have appeared anywhere from Off-White cereal boxes, to screen prints on many of the actual garments. Illustrations have always been popular amongst streetwear culture, but Pietro is quickly bringing this to the world of high-fashion.

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