Reilly Hodgson


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Reilly Hodgson is a graphic designer, entrepreneur, and owner of the apparel company No Fun in Toronto. He’s worked with clients like House of Vans and the Drake Hotel, and making merch for punk bands when he was just starting. No Fun has been proudly sporting their bad attitude since 2011 - If you walk around the streets of Toronto enough you’ll probably see his “No Fun” pessimistic stickers.

No Fun

Reilly looks to fill the wardrobes of people who don’t believe in the Lululemon-type inspirational quotes plastered everywhere on their tote bags. Reilly grew up doing a ton of graffiti and thinks the work ethic that comes with it translated well into creating and marketing his company. No Fun sells common apparel items and other day-to-day things like coolers, and towels. With supreme-like branding, the words No Fun aim to represent the realistic view of life.

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