Rob Cristofaro

Art Director

The Art Director behind Alife.

Rob Cristofaro is one of the few people who can live up to his self-proclaimed title "the art directory of New York". The Alife co-founder grew up writing graffiti all over the five boroughs and was part of legendary crew IRAK. Rob also attended the School of Visual Arts in NYC for illustration, further honing his creative chops. After graduating, Rob teamed up with a crew of equally creative friends to start the iconic NYC shop Alife, a staple and mainstay of the city's streetwear scene.

Alife's Brooklyn Museum shop for the Henry Chalfant exhibit.

Rob Projects and Alife branding.

Rob's "Jest" over a landscape.

Rob and Alife for 2020 Black History Month.


Originally founded in 1999, the NYC streetwear shop has been at the epicenter of fashion and culture on the Lower East Side for over 2 decades. After a solid, 13 year run, Alife and Rob found themselves in the midst of some inner turmoil that eventually led to a 3+ year hiatus. In 2014, Alife started dropping product again with Rob at the helm as creative director. Since then, the brand has collabed with the likes of Puma, the Brooklyn Art Museum, and Lee Jeans.

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