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The faceless Sacred Sisters.

The art duo Sacrée Frangine, translating to "Sacred Sis", is based out of Paris, dropping faceless silhouettes in uber-calm pastel tones. The designers/artists have been dropping heat together since July 2018, working with clients like Nike and Wild Mag. You can feel the human connection, often with two characters leaning on each other or shnuggling, in the featureless characters of Sacrée Frangine's compositions.

Print first.

Sacrée Frangine's work comes to life when you see the printed iterations. You can find the physical's on their personal Etsy or through print site Monboy. The effortlessly cool aesthetic and soothing tones scream Parisian chic. If you're looking for a limited collection, they recently dropped a piece with textile artist Julie Devisme.

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