Sean Brown

Creative Director

The Golden Old-Soul.

Sean Brown, the self-proclaimed “eclectic, old soul that’s connected to culture” is a creative force to be reckoned with. Whether he’s on shoot for Daniel Caesar, designing at Needs & Wants (Sean’s personal label), or exhibiting his art show Curves, Sean’s consistently putting out high-quality products and experiences. The 11th grade drop out ended up going to a private fashion college (who accepted him just on the strength of his portfolio despite not having a diploma) but dropped out when his professor’s kept saying that you needed at least $100,000 to start your own line. Queue Needs & Wants first collection.

Album art for Daniel Caesar's Case Study 01.

Sean signing his Curves photobook.

Album artwork featuring an internet moodboard.

Piece from the Curves exhibition.

Shoot for Case Study 01.

Needs&Wants Prefall 2017 collection.

Freudian Slip.

Freudian is Daniel Caesar’s debut studio album dropping in 2017. Sean Brown and collaborator Keavan Yazdani spearheaded the project and flew the team out to Bulgaria for the cover shoot. The creative director’s landed on the location after seeing the Kukeri dancers, these giant, fuzzy looking dudes who resonated with the original Wicker Man vibe. After shooting around Bulgaria’s monuments and with the Kukeri boiz, Keavan shot the iconic cover. Once the pair got home and developed the film, Brown saw the shot and instantly knew that they had made something special. The cover was nominated for a Juno in 2018.

The Secret Sauce.

Sean’s process is instrumental to the high-quality work he’s constantly producing. For Needs & Wants, Sean would upload images of the collection to Tumblr and see what kinds of people were reposting his pieces to understand where the label fit in culturally. Sean’s secret sauce is his inspiration, and believes that it’s counterproductive just to give away the key to your creativity. Basically, share your work and keep your inspiration behind-the-scenes.

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