Simon Landrein


Mighty Fine Flat Illustration.

You won't find any blurred drop shadows or strategically placed gradients in Simon Landrein's illustrations. What you will find is perfectly crafted flat scenes with clean, crisp lines often commenting on our crazy society. The French illustrator, who moved from London to his home town of Basque after Brexit, has dropped his signature style on the pages of the New Yorker and New York Times, to pieces for Apple.

Weekly comic for It's Nice That.

Cover for Focus Magazine.

Collab with Atelier Coton Serigaphie.

Dada Review editorial illustration.

Going, Going, Gone!

This September, Simon partnered with published Laurence King to drop a zany board game based around the art market auction circuit. The board game plays like a Monopoly but instead of bidding on fictional properties, you're copping million dollar pieces of art with hilariously-written backstories and catalogues. While working on project, Simon produced over 50 separate illustrations and when asked last month, explained that he eventually just lost count.

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