Sophy Hollington


Linocutting for the New York Times.

Sophy Hollington is pioneering modern linocutting with her folk and occult inspired style. The Brighton based artist and designer has worked with the New York Times, New Yorker, Wall Street Journal, and Esquire magazine, bringing stories to life with her unique illustrations.

Illustration for clothing brand Story MFG.

Shirt design for Aquarian Exposure.

Poster for band The National.

Illustration for The Elder Statesmen.

Personal poster for a gallery show.

Illustration for London Book Arts tote bag.

Tarot-ing it up.

In 2018, Sophy linked with author David Keenan on a collaborative tarot card and book project. David’s book To Run Wild In It featured sections of prose titled after all of the Tarot cards. Sophy illustrated each title based on her interpretation of David’s writing and the historical meaning behind the card. Sophy aced the project and won a D&AD pencil despite never having a Tarot reading done before.

Folklore, occults, and mysticism.

Sophy draws inspiration from traditional symbols, especially folklore, occults, and mysticism. Even though the medium she works in is tactile and age old, Sophy  grabs these all of her references off the internet from Google and library archives. When she’s not designing the next New Yorker cover, you’ll find Sophy swimming near Brighton or working her scrappy dog Patty.

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