Steven Savoca


Father Steve only paints mice.

Steven Savoca aka Father Steve is a painter born and raised in New York, who makes one-of-a-kind artworks sold exclusively through his website. The graffiti writer turned artist started out whipping up cartoons and skateboard logos with the minimalist style he used to create his trademark mouse. While going to high school and receiving his only formal training in art class, Savoca started hanging with the New York “cool kids” (the likes of Luka Sabbat, Kerwin Frost, Asspizza and more). His style is constantly evolving and simply a reflection of how he sees people. Free-handing his artwork, you can find Savoca’s works within a variety of mediums, usually on custom-made clothing and the occasional canvas work.

An early drawing of the mouse.

A line drawing of the mouse.

Steven with the mice.

Screenprinting is one of Steve's favourite applications..

A rare canvas piece.

Campaing with Converse All-Stars.

The infamous(e) mice.

It’s probably the last silhouette you’d expect from the “next art prodigy”, but it’s f*cking dope! The mouse silhouette is an homage to classic New York City graffiti characters and the pop-art inspired bold colours and minimalistic design keeps it feeling light and playful. When asked about how he came up with it, Steven replies with an on-brand sarcastic answer: He just started with the shape of the head, then added a nose and a couple of whiskers… His custom clothing is a big hit with the young teens but his hope is to take the artwork into galleries and exhibit his canvas work more (even though it's less accessible to the kids because of the price.)

Why drop art?

Despite a few major brand collaborations with Converse, Footlocker and Nike, Savoca stays pretty low-key and off the radar. He held a live painting show at VFiles, the New York fashion hub, with his buddy Warren Lotas and exclusively drops merchandise through his online store in limited runs, very rarely putting out art. Surprisingly, Steve doesn’t usually look at art or fashion for inspiration and mentions not knowing much about art history or the current art world. When asked about sitting front row at New York fashion week he said “I mean you just sit there..” It’s refreshing to have humour and a lighthearted attitude in high art.

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