Summer Lopez

Digital Artist

The Gift of Summer

Summer Lopez is an artist out of Victorville, California shredding through rap culture with her eye-catching cartoon illustrations, throwing them on Ts, hoodies, stickers, and other common wearables. Summer will take your favourite album covers or artists and make her own masterpiece, often turning them into black and white skeletons. Whether it’s digitally made, stippling hand-drawn, painted, or even collaged patchwork, Summer is dropping fire on the daily. 

\Yeezy season 3 show Young Thug

Playboi Carti

Uno The Activist

Blond Album Cover - Frank Ocean

Handmade Animations

From time-to-time Summer will gift us with a 2D looped animation illustration. She’ll split her snippet sometimes totaling up to 300 different frames, resulting in a crazy hand-drawn mini video. It’s just enough action to get you going. You’ll find yourself watching this 2-second looped video for hours on end.

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