Tabban Soleimani

Visual Artist

70% artist, or 600% genius?  

Tabban Soleimani calls herself a multidisciplinary artist who is 70% artist, 30% .GIF maker and 100% hilarious. Based out of Toronto, and a graduate of OCAD, Tabban is interested in taking complex problems and solving them using as few elements as possible. She’s done artwork for brands like Jordan, and Nike. She's also been a contributing artist at events like Nuit Blanche Toronto, the AGO, and DukeBox. 

Tabban often illustrates the pointlessness of our human behaviour and bringing life to her work by using vibrant colors and drawing outside the lines. People love her work so much they get the illustrations tatted - see slide 6 below!

Bill Nye the science guy examining Tabban's artwork at #nikereact event for @niketoronto

#AirMaxMonth: Explorations from 2D to 3D using @sean_wotherspoon as inspiration

Ellesmere station art installation for Nuit Blanche Toronto 2018

Visuals for @jumpman23 / inspired by the first women’s only release.

Flyer thing for @dudebox_toronto event held in a bank

THINGS LIKE THIS: for @jayemkayem

Nyeah, Eh?

Oh, and she even released her own iOS app called Sticker Ting for your iMessage - a collection of stickers built from everyday Toronto slang. Tabban says slang encapsulates a lot with so little, and with her new app, you can bring that hilarity to your everyday messages. The Camp Dover mandem are from Toronto, and we can’t even lie, Tabban is accurately representing Toronto slang in these few stickers - Dun Kno, Tabban. Stay posted for an update of the app, “Phase 1” is just the beginning.

The odds are in her flavour

Tabban wants to be remembered as the most influential artist of her generation, she says in an interview with Dope $ociety. Can we get a freaking applause for that wonderful passion?! Aside from the yummy colours and playful imagery, Tabban goes below the surface with her work to challenge the way we think, and explore human behaviour. She’s already covered a ton of ground with her wide skill set, There’s no doubt whether this woman’s projection is up and to the right, seen?

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