Tessa Forrest

Graphic Designer

A Masterclass in Type and Colours.

After working a corporate design job fresh out of college and going through a tough breakup, Tessa Forrest started a design project that would shape her career. Tessa started Subliming.jpg, the insta account that features quotes in stunning type and colours reminiscent of their inspiration, 60s and 70s movie posters. Since then, Tessa's worked in-house at Outdoor Voices, and worked with the likes of Milk, Apple, Refinery29, and Girlboss.

Evolve or Repeat.

thoughts are not facts.


There is No Planet B.


The name subliming comes from Tessa's Tumblr handle when she was 18. The instagram quickly became an outlet for Tessa's creative endeavours while going through tough times and boring periods at a corporate design job. In an interview with MAGENTA, Tessa explains how heartbreak and hardship help her create great work. "I’m going through a breakup again now, and I’m having a renaissance."

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