Thomas Trum


Using industrial tools to paint massive strokes

Using paper, canvas, and walls to make his masterpieces, the Dutch artist Thomas Trum has a wildly unique way of making his work come to life. Often based on trial-and-error, Trum doesn’t pre-determine how his art will turn out and uses experimentation as his main source of innovation. He uses different industrial tools to create transparent patterns and strokes that overlap and intertwine, scaling across entire walls.

Leaving his mark

Coming from a graffiti background, Trum’s work has a similar feeling to when a graf artist leaves their mark, constantly filling the empty surfaces that surround them. You’ll usually find him painting with a wide-shot spray gun that spits out a vibrant colour (sometimes many colours) or one slowly changing gradient. His murals let you trace the process from start to finish and appreciate the authenticity of his sometimes unsteady hand.

Testing and more testing

Trum works on studying each paint and piece of equipment completely before incorporating it in his work. He’ll use his industrial playground to spray endless lines of paint with a new found tool to get to know its ins and outs, teasing his audience with what’s to come. Trum has displayed his work in galleries and museums around the world, and presented at Dutch Design Week. Filling entire walls with one stroke of colour, and creating patterns with endless loops, Thomas Trum is an artist you won’t forget.

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