Tino Schaedler

Art Director

From production design for Kanye West to architecture for Red Bull

Tino Schaedler is an established Production Designer, Art Director, and incredible Architect working on big-name projects with the likes of Nike, Kanye West, Apple, Red Bull, and even feature films like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Harry Potter. Tino’s competitive advantage is to always be on the frontier of new technology and to keep pushing the culture forward.

Product design for Nike X Tom Sachs

Set design for Kanye West's "Famous" music video

Interiors for Red Bull studio Berlin

Museum for James Bond

The new wave

Tino’s latest from his bag of tricks is the Virtual Reality production design, working with none other than The Weekend on his latest music video concert. In an interview with Vice, Tino explains the challenges that come with VR; "The narrative space is way more complex than in 2D. Editing as we know it doesn’t work in VR. The viewer creates its subjective cut by his head movement." Using a six-camera Go Pro rig on a body mount coming from Abel is an example of Tino’s ability to innovate as a creative.

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