Toby Feltwell

Creative Director

From XL Records to Cav Empt.

What started as an A&R stint at XL Records UK in 2001, signing Dizzee Rascal in his highlight moment, Toby Feltwell can be put into a unique category of cultural veterans. After working at the  label, Toby graduated from law school and was on his way to becoming a lawyer when he got a life-changing call from Nigo, the Japanaese fashion mogul working on A Bathing Ape at the time, to come work with him on the brand. The rest is streetwear history.

The Cav Empt and Nike collab.

Graphic from Cav Empt.

Cav Empt On Fire fit.

Sweater for Cav Empt.

Cav Empt.

After Nigo decided to sell Billionaire Boys Club in 2011, Toby and his team (comprised of Hishiyama Yutaka and Sk8thing) didn't want to stop working together. The result? The trio decided to found Cav Empt, the Japanese cult streetwear brand with a particularly sci-fi aesthetic who your favourite designer is probably rocking. Named after the latin phrase "Caveat Emptor", meaning Buyer Beware, the brand focuses on society's reinterpretation of streetwear and fashion.

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