Tom Coolen

Graphic Designer

The Belgian Bull.

Tom Coolen is a graphic designer based is Hasselt, a Flemish city on the east side of Belgium. Since April of this year, Tom’s been working as the creative director of his studio, Mad Leif. Watch out for strong typography, zany gradients, and clean layouts coming from posters, identities, and album covers.

A poster titled, Dawn.

Branding and identity for Mad Leif.

One of the first posters Tom ever made.

An unfinished version of Spirata.

Consistency is key.

Since the inception of his studio, Mad Leif, Tom’s tried to put out a design a day (sometimes even up to 5). It’s no wonder he’s been on an upward trajectory since he started the project in April and gained more than ten thousand followers along the way. Recently Tom’s been dropping a series of gradients that are expressions of their title. Solace is especially dope.

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