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Creative Consulting with Kanye and New Balance.

Tremaine Emory, who goes by Denim Tears, a metaphor for the curves life throws at you and our ability to move through them, is an all around creative powerhouse born and raised in NYC. Since pursuing a gig with Marc Jacobs in 2010, Tremaine has been on a creative fast track, working with the likes of Kanye West, Stussy, Virgil Abloh and New Balance, on top of founding his collective No Vacancy Inn with fellow cultural pillars Brocky Marciano and Acyde Odunlami.

Denim Tears.

What started as an inside joke from a dinner party and instagram handle, Tremaine evolved the alias Denim Tears into an entire brand and identity. In September 2019, he dropped Denim Tears first collection, creating a collection for everyone and anyone to wear. His one ask, you read up on African American history while you're rocking the collection.

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