Trevor Wheatley

Multimedia Artist

The only type artist that likes Comic Sans?

Trevor Wheatley is a multimedia artist born and raised in Toronto. After graduating Concordia with a BFA, Trevor started working on the sets of Guillermo del Toro movies as an interior designer. After shooting, the graf-writer-turned-studio-artist would grab the leftover materials and create his first typography sculptures. Wheatly takes familiar logos and slang and builds them into larger than life sculptures. Yes, these may look like 3D renders but Trevor and his team, Cosmo Dean on the build and Jake Sherman on the pics, take great pride in how the pieces interact with their surroundings IRL.

An instillation at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Collab with previous Camp Dover feature, Dilly Manahan, and Nike for Air Max 97.

Taking common slang and putting it in crazy places.

There was a blizzard when Trevor and team installed this piece.

Collab with Stussy, one of the first brand deals.

Collab with OVO for Sneeze magazine.


Alongside a show last March, Trevor dropped a print titled Shrug. The play on an emoji was shot in Joshua Tree, CA and supports local environmental initiatives. 100% of proceeds from the print go to the California Native Plant Society and the Mojave Land Trust charities. Environment plays a huge role in Wheatley’s work. Sometimes Trevor and his team leave their pieces behind to see how they interact with the landscape over time, as long as the materials don't harm the land.

A balancing act.

The more work Trevor shares featuring company logos, the more corporate commissions come knocking. He’s worked with everyone from Converse on a 2016 trip to Vietnam, to LinkedIn and Microsoft. Although the corporate collabs help support Wheatley as an artist, they’re also a point of tension. Originally, Trevor’s pieces we’re meant to make you think about how visually noisey cities are, and what logos mean when you take them out of the ad. It also makes the branding feel more human, and lets you come up with a completely new identity for symbols that have been drilled into our everyday lives.

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