Tuomo Korhonen

Graphic Designer

One year of design

Tuomo Korhonen is a freelance graphic designer based in Finland moving super quickly up the design ranks. After only one year into his career, he’s produced hundreds of pieces, each better than the last. Starting off with simple visuals like logo designs and icons, Tuomo can now create hyper-realistic renderings with crazy gradients and high attention to detail.

"VHS is dead"

Chrome smiley face

DVD Case downloadable mockup

Chrome lettering

poster made with a template provided by @scriptsandpngs

SD Card mockup

Attention to detail

Tuomo has mastered the design of things like plastic bags, bubble wrap, receipts, stickers, even condom packaging, turning them into downloadable mockups for other designers to use. You couldn’t tell the difference between an actual picture of one of these, and Tuomo’s mockup. Who would’ve thought a plastic bag could look so freaking sick.

New goals make for new challenges

In 2019, Tuomo challenged himself to level-up on his motion design and hand lettering. After starting with a series of monochrome posters, he seamlessly transitioned to addingcolours and text in his work. You’d think Tuomo was a ten-year vet by the work he produces, but by working on one aspect of design at a time, he quickly adds to his skill-set. The next area of focus for Tuomo is 3D motion design - we’re excited to see what he’ll create.

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