Tyrrell Winston


Turning garbage into art

Tyrrell Winston is an artist from NYC who turns garbage he finds in his city (mostly cigarettes and basketballs) into fine art. Before Winston started his craft he was broke, couldn’t find a job and ironically felt like garbage. While cleaning up NYC, Winston finds pieces that have infinite stories and were part of countless experiences. “The perfect basketball is weathered and worn.”

Net and ball art installation

Basketball with cigarette boxes

Collected mesh from basketball nets

Stacked up old basketballs

In the streets

Earlier this year Tyrrell had a solo exhibition titled “Lines”. The show’s name references a lot of what Tyrrell does; walking lines, zig-zagging around the city, sweeping up cigarettes, and collecting old basketballs, rims and nets. Even though he’s creating these masterpieces in his studio, the most important aspect of the work is out in the streets.

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