Vincent Tsang

Art Director

Montreal’s skate culture

The 28-year-old from Montreal is one of the key players that helped the Fashion/Skate brand, Dime to become what it is today. It’s often unclear whether it’s a traditional skate crew, a brand, or both. Previously running a blog and helping Nike with photography, Vincent Tsang is the artistic direction of Dime, but originally was brought on to help with marketing efforts and the web store. 

H19 Drop

Breakfast Ts

Illustration by Vincent Tsang

The not-too-serious branding

Tsang overseas the entire brand’s direction and is in charge of fine-tuning every collection, hitting it with his signature aesthetic. While recognizing that Dime’s designs are a collective effort, there's a reason Tsang was named one of Hypebeast’s “100 most influential people in streetwear” back in 2016.

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