Waley Gao

Fashion Designer

The Patchwork Maestro ✂️

Waley Gao is taking patchwork to another level. The Toronto-based fashion designer launched Tired Lab, his personal label in 2018 featuring military and utilitarian silhouettes. Waley’s been dropping absolute since his start with Canadian label Index. Since then he’s worked with brands like Arc'teryx and was worn by Kendrick Lamar on multiple European tour stops and in the Wow Freestyle video.

Pants made from Nike pants and Hi-Vis jacket.

Signature utilitarian silhouette.

Kendrick Lamar in Tired Lab pants.

Vests that morph into a tote bag.

Early work, shorts with sketches.

The Mars Yard Overshoe customs with a removable cover.

See ya Latre.

In Early July, Waley collaborated with the Toronto workwear shop, Latre to create a limited jacket. The patchwork masterpiece features a fully reversible body, detachable hood and vest, and easily turns into a backpack for carrying ease when you’re feeling a little too cozy.

He just doesn’t stop.

Waley’s signature style requires a tremendous amount of work. Each piece from Tired Lab is made to order and hand cut and sewn. Waley personally crafts every single piece and you can see it in the quality and thoughtfulness. Whether it’s a vest that turns into a coat, or a removable edition of the Mars Yard Overshoe, you can count on raw originality and impeccable craftsmanship.

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