Yeye Weller


Bad Jokes meet Great Colour.

The Munster, Germany based illustrator Yeye Weller is pairing corny jokes with amazing colours. He works with companies to level-up their visuals, whether it's as simple as a menu or a poster for an event - he keeps to his same playful style. Yeye’s everyday struggle is finding the perfect colour for his illustrations. To find just the right hue, he’ll work through his pencil crayon collection and tune it up in Photoshop. Warning: the jokes are so bad they’re good.

Illustration for an Umbrella festival in Australia.

Work for Wieden+Kennedy.

Menu card for a London Restaurant.

Illustration for Thug Nine.

Yeye's rejection letter from Munster Design School 10 years ago.

Personal work.

Glass half full.

With such a recognizable style, Yeye’s light and playful creations can easily be applied to any collab. Dunkin Donuts called on Yeye to create a graphic for their South Korea locations and it slapped it onto their see through cups. A craft beer magazine asked Yeye for a similar drop, and he delivered an illustrated Teku (the perfect glass for drinking craft beer).

The Hungover Michaelangelo.

Yeye always starts his designs with pen and ink. After he’s got a good feel for what he wants to create, Yeye throws the design into Photoshop (he’s too lazy to learn illustrator) and creates a graphic with hundreds of layers. His moments of creative genius come when he’s hungover and there’s “No mental blocks, no demands on my thoughts...just me, my keyboard and pizza.”

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