Zach Macklovitch

Fashion Designer

From throwing parties to collaborating with Nike and A.P.C.

Named after the intersection of Saint Clair and Oakwood in Toronto, Zack Macklovitch and his partner Nate Gannage started Saintwoods as a promotional company for events. Fast forward a few years and the two creatives are hosting A-list celebrities parties, attending fashion shows in Paris, and collaborating with fashion powerhouses like A.P.C. and Nike.

Heron Preston & Virgil Abloh DJing at Apt. 200 in Montreal

Sweater from "Bad Apples" collection

Grey sweatpants featured in 008 collection worn by Danny Green

Saintwoods X Places + Faces collaboration

The upcoming drop

Along with their frequent and widely-loved Basics drops, Saintwoods has released 8 collections so far, all influenced by the Toronto/Montreal culture. The most recently teased collection is being released on June 10th, 2020, and features a Motocross-inspired long sleeve, tailored to Saintwoods’ signature playful aesthetic.

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