Painting cars from memory

In 2003, the French artist Zoer started doing graffiti and painting through his car obsession using acrylic and oil. Rather than just painting cars on a canvas, Zoer does massive murals on buildings and does a lot of the painting on the cars themselves. Using his photographic memory, Zoer composes his paintings based on memories from his travels, making the visuals always unique.

Acrylic painting on Renault Master truck

Evening In Granollers/ Spain to paint a mural

"Veicolo leggero", Ragusa/ Sicily 2017

"Blue rubber" Acrylic paint on a Simca 1200

The Solara Project

Zoer recently unveiled his new project Solara, a color chart painted over 144 different wrecked cars in France’s oldest scrapyard. Solara was the last car manufactured by the French manufacturer, Talbot, and couples well with the meaning of “solarization”, where the sun alters a color over time. The project was also used as a fundraiser where the benefits from the campaign will be dedicated to the acquisition of plants to clean-up the soil.

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